Walking Tours

It is said that the Isle of Avalon is the heart chakra of the world and Glastonbury is a magical, heart opening part of the world. One of Marisa’s passions is walking the land and she incorporates her shamanic and Pagan teachings.
She is a lover of the land, and of sacred sites and will go out and regularly create gratitude ceremonies in all her forms. And believes that walking in nature is the most therapeutic engagement and wonderful for health and wellbeing.
She offers walking tours, which usually start from town and can be created depending on your wishes, and can include brief ceremonies, where we will be honouring the sacred sites. She can also include sacred tours with Somerset.

Labyrinth- Glastonbury High Street


Marisa embarked upon her first walking pilgrimage in 2007 when she walked from Land’s End to John O’Groats as a solo adventure taking 75 days to complete and has continued her love of walking and pilgrimage ever since, completing the Camino de Santiago in 2011.  She is a qualified Hill and Moorland leader and  holds a current outdoor first–aid certificate



We can visit:

Weary Hill

Photo by Marion Van Eupen

Magdalene chapel

Glastonbury Abbey

Chalice Well

The White Spring

The Egg Stone

The Tor

Bridies Mound

Gog and Magog- ancient oak trees

Drumming and walking the 4 elements within Avalon

Walking to Four sacred sites within Avalon that represent the Elements of Water, Earth, Air and Fire using drums, rattle and voice, tuning into that particular element, finishing with a fire ceremony at a magical & sacred private woodland.

The Pilgrimage of Avalon ( Alice Buckton’s Walk)

A full days walk of the sacred pilgrim’s walk around the Isle of Avalon. This walking route was initially devised back c1902, now credited to Alice Buckton, she, however, inherited it from the Triad of Maidens, who were Christine Allen, Janet Allen and Kitty Tudor Pole. Alice took her guest around it and wrote it all down for Miss Felicity Hardcastle in the 1920s. Alice came to Glastonbury in her 46th year and bought the old Catholic Seminary at Chalice Well in 1913, and turned it into a guest house and school.

We will walk the six miles historical pilgrims walk with intent, mindfulness and prayer; recreating some of the traditions & ceremonies that were done back then as Alice had dictated, and include other ceremonies modified for today’s pilgrim. This route includes visiting Brides Mound, Wearyall Hill,  the ancient Tithe Barn, Chalice Well and the Tor.

This pilgrimage takes a full day, between 5 -7 hours with one of the stops being the Brocabar and possibly another stop at the Rifleman’s public house.

Waterproofs, walking boots/shoes, water and snacks are essential requirements.


Sacred walk from Wells Cathedral to Glastonbury Abbey

We will bus or taxi to Wells – Connect with Well Cathedral then walk the 6 miles back along the Droves and levels and connect with a sacred place within Glastonbury. This Pilgrimage will take approximately 6-7 hours and usually takes a full day, please bring a picnic lunch (vegetarian potluck food to share).

Sacred Tours further afield

Stoney Littleton Longbarrow

Stanton Drew Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle

Marisa is also a guide for Mystical Earth Tours– please see that Website for organised and bespoke tours