Welcoming & Naming

What the Naming ceremony can include:

Lovingly welcome and celebrate the birth of your new child into the family and the wider community.  Announce the names that you have chosen and, perhaps, explain the reasons behind the choice. Make promises of commitment to nurture, support and guide your child into adult life.

Poems, readings and quotes of personal significance can be used throughout the ceremony. Often a symbolic gesture is also made such as presenting the child with gifts, the lighting of a candle, planting of a tree etc. The ceremony can take place anytime after the birth of the baby, including marking your baby’s first birthday.  You can invite other adults who commit to providing a special supportive relationship with your child.

Family welcoming ceremonies are not just for babies. Children of any age can have a ceremony, it can be used to celebrate adoptive and/or stepchildren into your family and to announce the new relationship. You can, if you wish, include your other children in the ceremony.

Each Child blessings will have a bespoke ceremony specific to your wishes and input. Each ceremony created is unique and will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Payment is by Donation