Shamanic Healing Therapies

Working with spirit allies and forces of nature and using sacred tools such as the drum and rattle offering:


A shamanic practitioner moves into an altered state of consciousness to interact with the spirit world in order to practice healing, divination, ask for guidance. This trance state may typically be induced by methods such as drumming, meditation, singing, chanting,  or dance.  Shamanic healing tends to either remove energy from a person that shouldn’t be there or to restore ones authentic power and essence.

Blessing ceremony with a sacred feather.

Healing and blessing the aura/sphere of the client

Soul extraction.

Removal of misplaced energy, negative thought forms or intrusions from a client’s energy field, and filling the space with positive light energy and the client’s own power.

Drum Extraction

using the drum as the main system

Cutting ties:

Relationship cords: cleaning the energetic cords between the client and the people and things that they have had relationships with.

Soul retrieval.

At times in our lives when we have experienced shocks or trauma, or simply living out of alignment with our soul’s truth, we may lose a part of our soul or essence.

Stone Cleansing.

using a specific stone for this healing medium.


(from the Greek word origin psuchopompos, literally meaning the “guide of souls”)  to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife, working with people or animals – helping the souls of the dead safely cross into the next phase of life.

Balancing and aligning the energy Centres

healing and balancing technique to balance and align the Chakras

Space clearing- Incorporating 7 steps

Space clearing is the art of clearing and revitalizing stagnant energies in buildings.  Any building can benefit from Space Clearing, whether it is your home or workplace.  If your work has a negative history such as disputes with staff, financial struggles, ill health or stress, or losses; then a Space clearing is recommended. If your home essentially feels energetically difficult or your home is not selling for example, then space clearing can raise the energy, bring in vitality and positivity, and bring a lightness back into a building, and in doing so raise the quality of daily living and work performance. Space Clearing is a technique to clear the past energy from a home or business and make a fresh start.

House Blessing

Cleansing and blessing a new home- it can also be adapted to an opening ceremony.